About This Project


Prague Quadrennial

Artwork made for the Prague Quadrennial, as part of the students exhibition in the National pavilion of Serbia, in 2011.


The theme for the group exhibition was to portray someone we have never met but that we have found inspirational on social networks, and portray them in a box that represents our own surroundings.


Desire Kaniki is a fashion stylist from Toronto, in this cube surrounded by the elements of Belgrade. Drawings of our city are colored by the colors Desire is wearing, as no mater where we go, we see the picture through our own lenses, our experiences, emotions and colors.

Artist: Vanja Seferović


Group exhibition: Prague quadrennial


Curators: Igor Orsolić, Dorijan Kolundžija


Year: 2011

Belgrade, collage, Desire Kaniki, drawing, illustration, pencil drawing, Prague Quadrennial, serbia, vanja seferovic