About This Project


Nature with history

In 2012 we were invited to create a visual identity for the marketing campaign of the Municipality of Sokobanja and the Ministry Of Natural Resources, Mining And Spatial Planning of Serbia. For this project we chose to portray the beautiful nature of this area, which includes Ripaljka, first natural monument in the history of this country.


Digital paintings we created for this project could be called a contemporary “impressionism”, as they are representing the light and immediate impressions of the beauty of these landscapes but in a new medium - digital painting.


We also designed a custom Cyrillic typography for the promo materials, as well as the tagline “Nature with history”, that connects all the mentioned inspirations.

CD, AD, Graphic design: Vanja Seferović, Stefan Knežević


Digital painting, Calligraphy: Vanja Seferović


Client: Ministry Of Natural Resources, Mining And Spatial Planning of Serbia & Direction of Sokobanja Municipality


Year: 2015

Calligraphy, Campaign, Digital painting, Graphic design, impressionism, Painting, postcard, postcards, Promo material, Typography, Visual identity