"Dressing the Screen" exhibition / D&AD In Book Award

  • We are proud to present Vanja’s Master studies project for Kingston University
    in London that was awarded with the prestigious D&AD New Blood In Book Award!

    “Collaboration” is a visual identity concept of “Dressing the Screen” exhibition organised by British Council, showcasing the evolution of fashion film in the last 75 years.
    The whole visual identity is inspired by the rich history of fashion film,
    that has brought together two big industries in the fast evolving collage of creativity and exploration.

  • Design of the catalogue tells the story of many unique and different layers overlapping together and creating a new form called fashion film.

  • Exhibition invitation follows the brand identity concept, symbolically showing one screen pixel created out of two overlapped layers.



    “Dressing the Screen” identity is designed so that the bilingual system could be developed and applied on the whole promo material, as the exhibition is traveling around the world. This is resolved by the differentiations in text colours that allow the reader to easily follow the script in their own language. Different variations of the visuals are used for the images of each invitation, making them unique and original.


    In the gallery, the exhibition signage is floating around the walls, telling the story of the movies represented in each of 7 rooms.



    The entrance to the exhibition itself shows the calligraphic logo together with the slogan and the abstract details of the visual identity image that can be applied to the interior and the exterior of the gallery.


  • The calligraphy is developed for the design of fashion film titles and captions.


  • Visual identity as applied to the pages of British Council website.