“Smile, you might feel great.”

Stefan Knežević is a multidisciplinary artist and designer.


In 2012 he finished Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade where he obtained Masters degree in graphic communications. During the faculty he got the chance to improve his skills as one of the interns of a Lamtar, Paris based agency and also won several design competitions like winning a 1st prize for a poster design of a National day against tobacco smoke or the 1st prize for visual arts category at the National level and 2nd prize at the European level on the Young Creative Chevrolet competition held in Los Angeles California.


During studies he co-founded Shonski studio together with Vanja Seferović and started a professional career as an independent duo.


His first solo exhibition “Anatomy of realism” was held in 2012 at the gallery of a cultural centre “Parobrod” as well as the 2nd exhibition “New Layers” in 2013 that was collaboration with Vanja where they experimented on color and shapes in digital painting techniques and digital print.


He continues to create bringing unique ideas and visual languages to life.